Prek Pnov Bridge

Source: Municipality of Phnom Penh

Project Information

  • Project location : Northern Phnom Penh
  • Project costs : $43 million US dollars, and it is a BOT investment;
  • Project start date : June 18, 2008 and will be completed middle of year 2010.
  • Officially opened : 20/09/2010
The Prek Pnov Bridge is spanning the Tonle Sap river by linking National Road No. 5 from Kob Srov to Road No.6A.
The 996 meters Prek Pnov Bridge is invested by and built by LYP Group.
  •  Long : 996 meters
  • Wide : 14 meters
  • Linking : from Kob Srov Road in Sangkat Svay Pak, Khan Russei Keo, Phnom Penh Capital City (West of Tonle Sab River) to bridge No.6 along National Road No.6A in Muk Kompol district, Kandal Province (East of Tonle Sab River), connecting with, is a 8,170 meters concrete road construction connecting from the East of the bridge to National Road No. 6A;

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